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Safety & Security

You can contact the front desk for any security or safety reason at anytime by touching 0 from your guest room phone.

General Safety Tips

Here are some general tips for staying safe while traveling:

  • Stay alert at all times and tuned in to your surroundings.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, notify a staff member immediately.
  • If possible, carry only identification, a fully charged cell phone, and the credit cards or cash you will need.
  • Don’t discuss personal information with strangers.
  • Before entering an elevator look at the persons already in the car. If you are uneasy, wait for the next elevator.

We wish you the most pleasant stay possible. Please do not hesitate to notify the Manager on Duty with any questions.

Safety & Security

Your safety and the security of your personal property are of the utmost concern to us. We hope that this information will contribute to your comfort and well-being during your stay.

In-Room Safes

There are safes located in each guestroom for your convenience. Instructions for use of the in-room safe are located on the bottom right of the safe. Safes can be located in the closet or vanity area. The hotel is not responsible for valuables or money left in the rooms.

Double Locks

For additional security, utilize the deadbolt provided on your door upon entering. This will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key. As an additional precaution, please secure the safety lock.


Do not admit persons to your room without first identifying them. A viewing lens is provided in your door for your convenience. If there is any doubt about the person’s true identity, please contact the Front Desk.


Safeguard your key. Do not leave it in your room or in the door, and do not give it to others. If your key is lost, please notify the Front Desk. Identification is required to receive a replacement key.

Hilton Honors Members: Don’t forget about Digital Key – use the app to gain entry to your room, no keys required.

Fire Safety

Please familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest fire exit stairway. In the unlikely event of a fire, please move quickly but calmly to the stairs. Avoid the use of elevators. Report fire or smoke to the Hotel Operator.

Hotel Alarms

If a hotel alarm sounds, it is silenced within 30 seconds to allow for an investigation of the cause of alarm. If the alarm does not sound again it has been determined to be a false alarm. If the alarm sounds again and remains on for over one minute, it should be presumed that there is cause for the alarm and hotel evacuation is a possibility. In the event of a true emergency, an announcement made via the hotel’s PA system will provide instructions for evacuation. In this event, management personnel, to the fullest extent possible, will be posted at each floor elevator landing, and in the lobby area, to provide further instructions.

Fire Evacuation Plan

A fire evacuation plan is posted on your guestroom door, indicating the location of fire exits and extinguishers.

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