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Muddled apple, Copper and King’s apple brandy, lemon juice, demerara syrup.

Reminiscent of cold apple cider with a charred and spiced dried apple garnish.

Appearance: Frothy yellow in a rocks glass on ice.

Flavor Composite: If you are ready for a taste of spring, then look no further than the gentle touch of Eve’s Fault. Seeking a little bit of honey, but more interested in cider? Eve’s Fault is a delicate apple brandy cocktail that hints at honey and smacks of apple. Garnished with a charred and spiced sweet Red Delicious apple, this drink is the perfect digestif of apple brandy, muddled apple, lemon juice and a hint of demerara syrup. The heavy caramel sugar pulls out the soft notes of apple and honey from the copper kettle-aged brandy out of Kentucky.

Warning: this isn’t your grandmother’s after-dinner brandy. This cocktail is smooth and sweet, soft and elegant, with delicate notes of caramel, honey, sherry and butterscotch. You’ll wish you hadn’t had cheesecake for dessert, because you’ll want to sample Eve’s Fault a second time.

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