Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer on the patio of their favorite brewery? Let’s face it, these places are great all year long but there’s nothing quite like the craft beer scene in the summer. From the live music and outdoor games to the seasonal beers that you’ve waited all year for – its a great time of year to live in a state that’s ranked 12th in the number of craft breweries for capita. Take a look at some of the brews that pair perfectly with summer!

“Sour Raspberry” @ Dialogue Brewing


Image by @brandyinabq on Instagram

Aside from having one of the coolest patios on town, Dialogue has plenty of summer sours to keep beer guru’s satisfied! The Sour Raspberry is an absolute must-try! This highly carbonated fruit sour has an ABV of 6.6% and will leave your palette wanting more. If you haven’t had a sour beer before, get a flight of your favorites but be sure to include at least one of the sours!

“Sun-Bleached Berliner Weisse” @ Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.


Image by @brew_york on Instagram

The Berliner Weisse is a popular type of German wheat beer that is lightly sour. A lot of people grow to love sours after experiencing their first Berliner Weisse, especially this one! With a refreshing citrus finish, this 4.1% ABV beer is sure to keep you refreshed through the hot summer nights! This, like many other beers on this list, is seasonal…so be sure to grab one or fill a growler before it’s gone!

“Apricot Wheat” @ Tractor Brewing Company


Image by @cloudface.xfrx on Instagram

Tractor has carefully crafted a perfect summer beer with their Apricot Wheat beer. With a subtle sweetness and a velvety finish, this wheat beer is in its own class when it comes to fruity beers. Though still considered a full-bodied wheat, the apricot flavor makes this beer seem a lot lighter than it is coming in at 6.0% ABV.

“Bosque IPA” @ Bosque Brewing Company


Image by @brandon.brightside on Instagram

Sure, sours seem to be the seasonal favorite right now but this particular IPA is making the summer list because, frankly, it should be on every beer list! This award-winning IPA is not the hoppiest IPA out there, but with hints of tropics and citrus…it sure feels like a perfect brew in the hot ABQ summer. 6.5% ABV (Also pairs perfectly with fall and winter).

“Plum Gose” @ Marble Brewing


Tis the season for Gose! And Marble has lots and lots of Gose’s for you this summer! From pineapple and guava to passionfruit and cherry, there is a Gose for everyone at Marble! Out of all of the choices, the stand out option has to be the Plum Gose. It has a very unique tartness followed by a subtle sweetness and finishes very smoothly. Plus, check out the cool glass you get to drink it out of !! 5.1% ABV.

“La Onza (Belgian White Ale)” @ Boese Brothers Brewery


Image by @downtownalbuquerque on Instagram

The atmosphere at Boese is vibrant and full of life! There is never a dull moment or beer at this downtown brewery. No matter which beer you decide to go with, it’s going to feel like a summer beer when you’re sitting outside on their colorful patio! If you haven’t been here yet, try the La Onza Belgian White Ale that is refreshing and crisp! It’s brewed perfectly and always pairs well with hot weather and great friends! 5.4%ABV.