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Bone marrow is the richest and sweetest of all fats, and recent research suggests that it is also potentially an important addition to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and increase other health benefits, such as breaking down unhealthy fats and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

At MÁS, the bone marrow can be mined from a heavy beef femur bone which has been split in half and seasoned with crisp kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, then loaded with pickled onions and a parsley “salad” – split cherry tomatoes tossed in a bath of parsley and olive oil. While the dish is not designed to fill your belly, it will open your palate and prepare you for other flavors to come. This tapa is hearty and smooth, pleasing the saltiest craving. Don’t separate the pieces – instead, savor a tomato layered with an onion, a dash of padron pepper barbecue sauce, and a spoonful of marrow. Relish the way the seemingly simple tastes combine to start your meal with a delicate yet robust and hearty flavor.

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