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Spinach: rich, creamy, buttery, delicate, aromatic of summer gardens

Israeli couscous pearls: sweet and rich, buttery and creamy, garlic and salt, crisped onion slices

Cipollini onion: soft and rich, reliant only on the flavor of the semi-sweet onion

Duck Confit: Sweet, rich, dark, meaty, crisped skin

Flavor Composite: Not for the faint of heart, this dish is a resplendent platter of creamy flavors that sweep together to leave your palate sated, but longing for a rich red wine to match. The Israeli pearl couscous is the perfect base for the creamed spinach, cipollini onions and two robust dark legs of duck, prepared thoughtfully in their own fat, reaping the rich benefits of the French style of roast duck. A larger plate than you might expect for the price of $28.00, this dish fulfills your winter longings for warm aromatic foods and tender, sweet flavors.

You might pair this buttery dish with a delicate Pinot Noir or Bordeaux to balance the rich duck and creamy spinach flavors. Avoid heavy tannins by trying the Santa Rita Pinot Noir, or take a walk on the French side and indulge in a full body Bordeaux like the luxurious French Chateau Lassegue St. Emilion Grand Cru. Another sensual pairing is the Chapoutier “Belleruche” Côtes du Rhône Rouge that gently pulls the flavors of the dark sweet meat into each dark and exotic creamy bite.

The spinach and Israeli couscous pearls will remind you of aromatic summer gardens and leisurely afternoon picnics where the sun dapples through the cover of trees. Eat a bit of onion with each taste of duck and enjoy the unraveling of flavors on your tongue.

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